Wednesday, March 11, 2015

@ Cengal Garden

Hmm...dah lama blog tidak di'update'.
Life has been very hectic...

Anyway, this was on Monday night. Entertained a group of lecturers/teachers from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. One is a Malaysian, a Visiting Professor at the university and has been staying in Tokyo for about 30 years. 

They enjoyed the oxtail soup, kailan ikan masin and keropok lekor. 

Tapi rasa sangat kagum bila sup ekor yang sepatutnya utk makan seorang, mereka share 3 orang. Itu pun tak habis. Yang sorang tu (Miss J) makan nasi sekali seminggu sahaja. 
Padan lah mereka ni kurus !!!
Dan senang laa belanja mereka ni makan...sebab makan tak banyak. 

They were very polite too. Rasa malu pulak kita yang Malaysians ni tak se'polite' itu. 

Had a good time, shared many stories....despite the fact that one of them can only speak Japanese.

From left to right: Miss J (didn't get her name), Jenny, Pn Faridah, CTK, Pn Norzaini

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