Sunday, May 8, 2016


Lama dah tak menceceh di sini. 
Well, life has been not much...just the usual ones... 
This time I am 'writing' as there's something that touched my heart the other day..

The photos above show moments when my sis became somebody's wife-to-be. 
Touched ? Of course I am touched... My sister is already engaged to someone, and soon will be someone's wife. There she'll go...akan ada komitmen terhadap suami, terhadap mertua dan saudara-mara sebelah 'sana' (I dah macam2 mak2 ni kan? Anak sulung...umur pulak dah nak masuk golden....Ada anak2 yang dah bujang gak...hmm cam tu lah. Dan itu lah agaknya mak ayah kita rasa bila kita kahwin dulu. Sedih, sayu....tapi dah hukum alam... Anak2 I nak kahwin nnt ntah macam manalah perasaan I ... Lebih teruk apa???)

Tapi, that's not my focus of my story this time. What touched my heart rather was the bond that I saw exists between my family members, immediate and extended. Fyi, we are not the type that meets often, due to each other's commitment. But every time we meet, the intimacy just brings tears to my eyes. 

Last Saturday, my late father's brothers and sisters were there. My mom's two brothers were also there. Some of my cousins came. We said hello, we asked how the other was doing. we chatted, we joked around and when it's time to say goodbye...we hugged, we kissed. You know that love exists between these people from the look in everyone's eyes, from the advice that each other gave. And I was moved by what I saw.

This brings me to a conclusion... Kita mungkin punya ramai kawan, ramai kenalan... Dgn kemudahan sosial hari ini, lagi panjang senarai kawan kita....yg dari tadika, sekolah rendah, sekolah menengah, universiti...yg coursemate utk degree, belum yg coursemates masa buat master lagi.... Bermacam2 group whatsapp, wechat.... Yang facebook, twitter, instagram... Hmm...And we do so many things with our friends...coffeeing, shopping, watching movies... But, one thing's for sure....ikut I lah...there's nothing like family !!! 

And what I learned from the event that took place on good, do good to your family...We may quarel, we have grudges, we may not see things eye to eye with each other...but at the end of the day...we are family. 

Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah...I have a great family.